The first 100% practical-clinical online academy for podiatrists.

Learn about the most important aspect for a healthcare professional like you, the practice. Fixtoe Academy is an academic platform that seeks to shorten students’ learning curve, teaching all the know-how of the leading podiatrists with more than 20 years of experience. As our hashtag says #MyExperienceIsYours .

Real patients

All of our courses offer the possibility to deal with a real patient suffering from a pathology that needs to be treated. We focus on the most common pathologies of our clinical practice.

100% Practical

We focus 100% on practice, which is the most useful part for a healthcare professional. Our goal is to enable you to put immediately into practice in your clinic everything you have learned with us.

Clinical experience

All of our lecturers have over 20 years of experience, which is the perfect balance between the scientific evidence and the clinical experience.

Unlimited access

There is no time limit to view the academic content. You can access the courses whenever you need it for your patients.

Our courses

Our courses are endorsed and accredited by the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia UCAM. For more information please contact us.


Clinical Podopediatrics

This course is taught by Dr. Roberto Pascual and Professor Fran Monzó.

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Clinical Sports Podiatry

This course is taught by Dr. Manuel Mosqueira and Professor Fran Monzó.

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Biomechanics and clinical pathology

Taught by Dr. Angel Orejana and Professor Fran Monzó.

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Learn with leading professionals of their clinical field

Our teaching team is composed of leading professionals specialized in theoretical and practical knowledge. They are pioneering podiatry university professors with a broad academic and clinical experience.

Dra. Esther Levy

Professor in Clinical management of complications in the diabetic foot

Dr. Javier Pascual

Professor in Anatomical dissection and pathological relationship of the foot

Dr. Juan Manuel Ropa

Professor in Clinical management of the side effects of plantar orthoses

Dr. Manuel Mosqueira

Professor of Clinical Sports Podiatry

Dr. Ángel Orejana

Professor of Biomechanics and Clinical Pathology

Professor Fran Monzó

Podiatrist and Academic Director

Dr. Roberto Pascual

Professor of Clinical Podopediatrics

Training developed with microlearnings and the new figure of Academic Showrunner

All our courses are composed of short classes (microlearnings) allowing you to watch them between patients and apply what you have learned instantly in your daily practice.

In addition, a new educational figure is present in all classes, the Academic Showrunner. Starring Professor Fran Monzó, whose function is to get into the student’s role in order to highlight the most important aspects of each class

To this end, he is responsible for:

  • Guiding the academic training of each professor.
  • Discussing the training based on his clinical experience.
  • Summarizing what has been explained during the lesson.
  • Asking interesting questions that you might be wandering.
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Case-Based Learning

During all the training sessions we will be working with real patients suffering from the most common pathologies found in podiatry clinical practice. Our goal is to reproduce the same scenario that you would have to deal with in your examination room. In this way, you will be able to put your knowledge immediately into practice.

Access to the training whenever, wherever and however you want

As podiatrists, we are well aware that it is difficult to coordinate clinical practice with academic training. That’s why there is no time limit to view all the academic content. We want this training to be an additional tool in your practice. It is an academic asset that we want you to have on hand so you can refer back to it whenever you need it.

Access to all courses

Learn at your own pace without following a schedule.


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