Frequently Asked Questions

Information about how the platform works.

What requirements do I need to access the courses?

In order to enroll in our clinical training courses, the main requirement is to have a degree in podiatry. In order to access the course after registering, you will be required to show proof of your university degree in podiatry.

Can I access only one unit of the course?

Yes, all our courses have different units, and you can choose to access them separately or to complete the entire course.

Do the courses issue an academic certificate?

Yes, you can only get the academic certificate by enrolling in a whole course, not in individual units. It is a personal certificate issued by Fixtoe Academy and its lecturers.

How much time do I have to complete the selected course?

You have no time limit. The course is intended to be used as a clinical tool in your practice. We know that one of our biggest problems as professionals is the lack of time to carry out some trainings. That’s why you can do it at your own pace.


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